A tiny platformer made for Ludum Dare 37.

Use left and right arrow to walk and up to jump. WASD is also supported.

I only have Xbox360 Gamepad, so only it's the only supported thing, use left stick to move and a or b to jump.

Works on Firefox and Google Chrome.

Comment bugs below or submit issues to Github.

Ludum Dare 37 Theme: ONE ROOM

Theme was ONE ROOM, so I thought on having all the game in a single screen, or a 'single room'.

Main tools are Gedit and Aseprite.

Code and how I made, here:


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hi this is a comment for mana match but no comment section on it. 

anyway have u thought of making the pieces get replaced from all 4 sides not just the top? a game mechanic i've only seen on 'jewel road' 

it was great but finished long ago. basically the match position determines which side the new pieces enter from. 

as for extra challenges to game, there are endless ideas but i really like that multi-angle style, cheers.